About Us

Originally based in Milton Pennsylvania, the Milton Area Community Theatre was founded in 2003 as a community of actors, directors, musicians and crew who were committed to bringing top-notch theatre to the Greater Susquehanna Valley.

In its first nine years, the group produced an impressive 16 shows on the Milton stage, ranging from holiday-themed concert pieces (Frosty Follies) to classic musicals (Brigadoon, Pippin, Chicago) to more contemporary fare (High School Musical).  In 2011, we staged our first play (Over the River and Through the Woods) in a new venue, the renovated Campus Theatre in Lewisburg.

In 2012, the organization changed its name to RiverStage Community Theatre and produced an ambitious 10th anniversary season that included a musical, play and a live staged radio play.  “We have always welcomed talented performers, volunteers and supporters from all across our region, not just Milton” said then-President Jennifer Wakeman, “and we wanted a new name that reflected our ties to communities across the Greater Susquehanna Valley.  Building on our years of experience in Milton, we wanted to let people know that the group was planning to branch out in terms of what types of productions we do, and where we do them.”

In 2017, we took up residence at Greenspace Center, site of the former Lewisburg High School.  After a challenging year of COVID-19 with most productions cancelled, we are proud to be re-launching in 2021 our ninth year-round season.  Our Mission Statement is, “To provide opportunities for talented, creative teams of performers and storytellers to develop as artists on our stage and behind the scenes to share high-quality theatre with audiences in the Central Susquehanna Valley,” bringing together our dual commitment to both the audience and the artistic community.

We hope you will consider joining us–as a performer, audience member, or supporter–as we continue to bring top-notch theatre to our area!