AUDITIONS for “Cyrano de Bergerac”
Sunday, Nov 10, 7:00-9:00pm
Monday, Nov 11, 7:00-9:00pm

Greenspace Center , 815 Market St, Lewisburg.  Show to be performed February 14-23, 2020, directed by Peter Wiley.

Set over 100 years before Hamilton comes another dramatic story about a real-life soldier, hero, writer and poet, Cyrano de Bergerac!

“CYRANO” by Edmond Rostand (translated by Michael Hollinger, adapted by Michael Hollinger & Aaron Posner) is a new 2011 adaptation of the classic 1898 French comedy of the hopelessly romantic swordsman with the ridiculously long nose.  This production will use a minimal set, with an ensemble of nine actors playing multiple roles in the story and being present on stage throughout, in the style of a Shakespearean comedy.  If you like adventure, romance, comedy, wordplay, swordplay and/or Shakespeare and other classic theatre, you will definitely want to audition for this show! A preview excerpt from the script can be downloaded here.

During war time in 17th-Century France, the hero Cyrano is in love with the beautiful Roxane but too afraid to express his feelings to her because of doubts about his own ugliness. Instead, he befriends the handsome but dull Christian and helps the younger man to win Roxane’s heart by writing elegant love letters and teaching him the arts of eloquence, courtship and poetry.  Their adventures unfold from there, taking the audience on a compelling journey through the romantic streets of Paris and the dramatic battlefields of France.

Critics have described this modern adaptation as “…rhythmically beautiful, humorous, emotionally resonant and convincing… .This version of Cyrano de Bergerac is interesting and entertaining, a thoughtful piece of work which makes many bold choices. This is by far the funniest CYRANO you will ever see…. Three cheers and a flourish of a feathered hat to that!

There are 7 men’s roles (to play 18-50), and 2 women’s roles (one 26-30, the other 40+). While there is no need to prepare specific audition material, auditioners should come prepared to read from the script and do simple movement, and should bring calendars to indicate scheduling conflicts.

Roles are as follows:

  • CYRANO. Energetic, impulsive, emotional, a wizard with words as well as swords; a warrior-poet.
  • ROXANE. Smart, romantic, beautiful, elegant. An impetuous heart and a deep soul. (Doubles as Masked Actress.)
  • CHRISTIAN. Handsome, proud, bold with men but shy with women. Aware of his expressive shortcomings. (Doubles as Masked Actor, Angry Subscriber, and Fighter.)
  • LE BRET.  Captain of the Gascony Guard and Cyrano’s best friend.  Moderate, sympathetic, articulate, but not flashy.  Our guide to the play.
  • DE GUICHE.  Aristocratic, enamored of Roxanne. An intriguer who is literally married to power. Alternately resents and admires Cyrano. (Doubles as Gambler and Fighter.)
  • RAGUENEAU. Big-hearted pastry chef and lover of poetry, to the point of obsession. (Doubles as Man, Philippe and Fighter.)
  • DE VALVERT. Aristocratic, stylish, vain, an expert swordsman. (Doubles as Etienne, Fighter, possibly Sister Marthe.)
  • LIGNIERE. A drunken poet, or poetic drunk. Occasionally removes the bottle long enough to stick foot in mouth.  (Doubles as Citizen, Jean-Pierre, and possibly Sister Marthe.)
  • DESIREE. Roxanne’s nurse and current chaperone. Watchful over Roxanne’s honor. (Doubles as Montfleury, Bellerose, Marcel and Fighter.)

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