To be performed April 21-23
at the Old Lewisburg High, Lewisburg

Monday, February 27, 7:00-9:00pm
Old Lewisburg High School Auditorium, 815 Market St, Lewisburg

Come and join us for auditions! We are looking for actors & actresses of all ages and experience levels to fill 27 roles in our annual festival of world-premiere, original short plays!

The plays and roles are as follows:
DECEPTION, written & directed by Ben Hartman
Someone has stolen a priceless diamond from Miss Moneypants! But are any of the Inspector’s suspects really who they claim to be?

  • Inspector Inspector
  • Miss Moneypants – the diamond’s owner
  • Carmen – the Spanish jewel thief
  • Reginald – the British jewel thief
  • Natalya – the Russian jewel thief
  • Brooklyn Tony – the, um, Brooklyn jewel thief
  • Rachel Inspector – the Inspector’s wife

ENTER DAISY BUCHANAN by Patti Cassidy, directed by Kahlie DeHotman
Zelda Fitzgerald is locked in her bedroom and ‘meets’ one of her husband’s fictional characters in her mirror.

  • Zelda Fitzgerald – the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Daisy Buchanan – the fictional lover of Jay in The Great Gatsby

EUREKAS by Eoin Carney, directed by Derek Scott
Two amateur philosophers in classical antiquity wonder if they should even bother with it anymore, especially with people like Archimedes around.

  • Nikos – a struggling philosopher
  • Doris – another struggling philosopher
  • Archimedes – yes, that one

THE IMPROVISATION GAME by Jove Graham, directed by Steve Aguirre
A young woman waiting at a bus stop is approached by a trio of unusually theatrical characters.

  • Jess – a woman waiting for a ride
  • Charlie – a man
  • Willy – an actor
  • Deanna – another actor
  • Deus – a man in a toga

JESUS FEEDS THE 4,999 by Kay Phillips, directed by Andrew Shaffer
Jesus struggles to accommodate the dietary restrictions of one follower.

  • Jesus – perhaps you’ve heard of him?
  • Peter – the disciple
  • Miriam – a biblical valley girl

THE (UN)SOLVABLE CRIME by Jacob Tanner, directed by Caroline Pogust
Everyone on the police force has a theory about how a murder went down.

  • Tommy – the dead body
  • The Chief
  • Officer Cynthia – the messy one
  • Officer Greg – the nearsighted one
  • Officer Tony – obviously the murderer

VIRESCENT by Rosalind Elise Parenzan, directed by Isaac J. Conner
A sculptor and his creation, the ceramic statue of a woman, discuss what inspired him to create her.

  • Arthur – the artist
  • Cera – the sculpture

We welcome actors of all backgrounds and experience levels! Auditioners do not need to prepare any material, and will be asked to do one or more short readings from the scripts. Auditioners should also bring their calendars and be prepared to indicate their availability or conflicts for the March-April rehearsal period.

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