We have open auditions for the last TWO shows of our 2019-20 season coming up: Twelve Angry Men and Spamalot!

Wednesday, January 29, 7:00-9:00pm
Thursday, January 30, 7:00-9:00pm

Greenspace Center , 815 Market St, Lewisburg.  Show to be performed April 17-26, directed by Derek Scott.

“TWELVE ANGRY MEN” by Reginald Rose is a stage adaptation of the famous 1957 film showing a gripping “behind the scenes” court room drama.  It tells the story of a jury as they deliberate the case of 18-year old defendant accused of a violent murder; their discussion about the case, and the concept of “reasonable doubt” forces the jurors to question their morals and values.

It has remained an incredibly popular piece of cinema and theatre in modern times, because of how it portrays consensus-building among groups, and among people whose range of personalities create intensity and conflict. It also explores the power that one person has to elicit change.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t let the title fool you!  Although we will be referring to the play as Twelve Angry Men, the adaptation we will be using allows and encourages casting of both male and female jurors!  Therefore, the roles listed below are not gender-specific and we are looking for a mix of 12 men and women.  Age is flexible as well, though all characters should appear old enough to serve on a jury.

Roles are described in the script as follows:

  • Juror #1 / Foreman:  School athletic coach;  small, petty, formal.
  • Juror #2: Bank clerk, meek, hesitant, easily swayed
  • Juror #3: Head of messenger service; strong, opinionated, forceful
  • Juror #4: Stock trader, haughty, well-polished speaker
  • Juror #5: Mechanic; naive, young, frightened
  • Juror #6: Housepainter; honest but dull-witted, slow to decide things
  • Juror #7: Salesperson; loud, flashy, hot-tempered, cowardly
  • Juror #8: Architect; quiet, thoughtful, gentle, compassionate
  • Juror #9 Retiree; older, gentle, frail
  • Juror #10: Garage owner; angry, bitter, bigoted
  • Juror #11: Watchmaker; European refugee, humble
  • Juror #12: Advertising exec; slick, bright, but superficial and snobby

Auditioners may attend either session and do not need to bring a prepared monologue, but should be prepared to read aloud from the script and should bring calendars to indicate scheduling conflicts of availability in February, March and April.

2) AUDITIONS for “Monty Python’s SPAMALOT”
Sunday, March 29, 7:00-9:00pm
Monday, March 30, 7:00-9:00pm

Greenspace Center , 815 Market St, Lewisburg.  Show to be performed June 19-28, directed by Jove Graham, music direction by Diane Scott.

“Lovingly ripped off from” the classic comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “SPAMALOT” re-imagines King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail in a world full of killer rabbits, coconuts, dancing knights, rude Frenchmen, philosophical arguments about the weight-bearing capacity of migratory birds… and singing and dancing!

NOTE FOR EVERYONE (BUT PARTICULARLY “THE LADIES”): We realize that it may seem like there are not many roles, and not many roles for women, in this show, but all is not what it seems!  We are looking for a big, diverse cast of men & women, there are a lot of opportunities for featured players (other than the roles listed here) to get laughs, and it is a terrific ensemble show to be a part of!  If you are looking for a great summer musical theatre experience this year, come out and audition with us!

Auditioners may attend either session and should bring a short song or section of a Broadway song (approximately 1 verse + chorus) to sing.  (Sheet music, CD accompaniment, a-cappella or other electronic device OK.)  You may choose any song that you feel you can perform well, but it is highly recommended that you choose something that showcases your sense of humor and volume/projection.  (For example, suggested songs from Spamalot might be “Find Your Grail” (women), “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” (men), or “The Song That Goes Like This” (either).)  Auditioners should also bring a calendar to indicate scheduling conflicts in April, May and June.

Characters include, but are not limited to:

  • KING ARTHUR: The King of England who sets out on a quest to form the Knights of the Roundtable and find the Holy Grail. Great humor, good singer.
  • SIR ROBIN: A Knight of the Roundtable. Ironically called ‘Sir Robin the Brave,’ though he couldn’t be more cowardly. Joins the Knights for the singing and dancing.
  • SIR LANCELOT: A Knight of the Roundtable. He is fearless to a bloody fault but through a twist of fate, does discover his ‘softer side.’ Character voices and accents a must.
  • PATSY: King Arthur’s “horse” and servant. Underappreciated but always longing for King Arthur’s approval. Good, funny, physical mover.
  • SIR GALAHAD: A Knight of the Roundtable. Begins as Dennis, a lower class ‘mud gatherer’ who becomes Knighted and transforms into the dashing Sir Galahad.
  • SIR BEDEVERE: A Knight of the Roundtable. An inept scholar. No solo singing.
  • LADY OF THE LAKE: A Diva. Strong, beautiful, possesses mystical powers. Great singing voice is essential as the Lady of the Lake must be able to sing effortlessly in many styles and vocal registers and be a strong comic actor.
  • ENSEMBLE MEN: knights, peasants, guards, and more!
  • ENSEMBLE WOMEN: The Lady of the Lake has a team of “Laker Girls,” enthusiastic dancers who sing and play other roles in the show.

The following roles are usually doubled (i.e., played by actors already playing other characters) but don’t necessarily have to be for this production.

  • HISTORIAN: A tweedy academic.
  • NOT DEAD FRED: A sickly little fellow who, despite others’ beliefs, claims he is “not yet dead.”
  • THE FRENCH TAUNTER, an arrogant, condescending, over-the-top Frenchman
  • The KNIGHT OF NI, an absurd, cartoonish leader of a peculiar group of Knights
  • TIM THE ENCHANTER, a ghostly being with a Scottish accent.
  • FRENCH GUARD: The condemnatory French sidekick to the French Taunter.
  • MINSTREL: In Sir Robin’s band.
  • CONCORDE: Sir Lancelot’s horse
  • PRINCE HERBERT: The hopeful and frilly prince who loves to sing and pines for his love atop a tower.
  • GUARD 1
  • BROTHER MAYNARD, a long-winded monk.
  • Drunken, useless GUARD 2
  • DENNIS GALAHAD’S MOTHER, a shrill peasant woman
  • PRINCE HERBERT’S FATHER, a wealthy, brutish Yorkshireman man at odds with his sensitive son
  • THE BLACK KNIGHT who is always ready to duel despite multiple injuries.

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