THANK YOU to everyone who came out to audition for “Fences!” The cast list has now been posted here.

“OLIVER!” with Music, Lyrics & Book by Lionel Bart

Saturday, March 9th – Young Actors at 2pm, Adults at 3:30pm
Sunday, March 10th – Young Actors at 6pm, Adults at 7:30pm
Monday, March 11th – Young Actors at 6pm, Adults at 7:30pm
Greenspace Center, 815 Market St, Lewisburg

Show to be performed June 14-23, 2024 at RiverStage
Directed by Bob Jones, Music Direction by Diane Scott

RiverStage Community Theatre invites you to open auditions for its Summer 2024 production of the musical masterpiece “OLIVER!” Based on the beloved Charles Dickens novel and featuring memorable songs such as “Consider Yourself,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Where Is Love?” and “Food, Glorious Food”, OLIVER! has been delighting audiences around the world since its debut in 1960, and has many lovable character roles for men, women and children.

Auditions will be held on three dates, March 9th, 10th and 11th (please see times listed above). Auditioners do not have to attend all sessions (just one, for their appropriate age group) Auditioners should also bring a calendar to indicate any scheduling conflicts they have between March and June. Performances will be the evenings of June 14, 15, 21 and 22, and Sunday matinees on the afternoons of June 16 and 23.

Every auditioner should prepare 16 bars of a song to sing (the director may cut off longer selections in the interest of time), and should bring either sheet music for a piano accompanist or a karaoke track. Young actors are welcome to prepare anything that they are comfortable singing. Adults are asked to prepare a musical theatre song in the style of the show, but nothing from this musical (Oliver!). Every auditioner will also be asked to participate in a short dance audition, so please wear clothes that you can move in and no sneakers.

As per the director, all young auditioners must be age 10 or older by the date of the first performance (June 14, 2024).

An overview of the characters is listed below; please note that actors do not necessarily need to fit every aspect of a character’s description (e.g., age, gender) in order to be cast. RiverStage Community Theatre is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and we encourage performers of all races, gender identities, sexualities, and abilities to attend these RiverStage auditions.

Principal Roles

  • Oliver Twist: An orphan workhouse boy, age range 10-15, singer (smooth boyish soprano)/actor. British (not cockney) accent, bright and innocent. This character is in approximately 80% of the scenes; parents should note he/she will be required at rehearsal more than any other person in the show.
  • Artful Dodger: A street kid, age range 13-18, singer/actor. Cockney accent. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years, Fagin’s right hand “man”.
  • Fagin: Middle aged leader of a children’s band of thieves, age range 35- 50s, singer/actor. Cockney accent. Described as devious, a user, sly fox, con man, very personable.
  • Nancy: When she was younger worked for Fagin, now a “barmaid” at the Three Cripples Bar, age range 20-30s, singer (good belt)/actress should have decent movement skills. Cockney accent. She lives with and loves Bill Sykes, pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life.
  • Bill Sykes: Also worked for Fagin as a youth now a feared master criminal, age range 20-30s actor/singer (baritone). Cockney accent. Good looking in a rough sort of way, sociopath, a killer who only looks out for himself.
  • Mr. Bumble: The Master of the Workhouse, age range 35-55, singer (high tenor)/actor. Cockney accent. A large, pompous and corrupt bureaucrat.
  • Widow Corney: The Mistress of the Workhouse, age range 30-50, singer (soprano belt)/ actress. Cockney accent. Sharp tongued widow, also corrupt.
  • Bet: Nancy’s friend, may also have worked for Fagin, age range 16-25, singer/actress should move well. Cockney accent. She idolizes Nancy.

Other Roles

  • Mr. Sowerberry: The undertaker, age range 30-45, actor/singer (baritone). Cockney accent. Kind of creepy, “buy” Oliver from Bumble to work in the funeral home as a coffin follower, may be an alcoholic.
  • Mrs. Sowerberry: The undertaker’s wife, age range 30-45, actress/singer (mezzo). Cockney accent. More business savvy than her husband.
  • Noah Claypole: Undertaker’s apprentice, age range 18-25, actor. Cockney accent. May have also come from Workhouse. Feels threatened by, dislikes and torments Oliver.
  • Charlotte: Sowerberry’s daughter, age range 16-21, actress. Cockney accent. Attracted to Noah, kind of flirty.
  • Mr. Brownlow: Older gentleman, age range 40-60, actor/singer. British (not cockney) accent. Kind upper class gentleman, Oliver’s grandfather.
  • Dr. Grimwig: A doctor, age range 35-55, actor. British (not cockney) accent. Upper class, friend of Mr. Brownlow.
  • Mrs. Bedwin: A housekeeper, age range 35-55. British (not cockney) accent. Works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm personality.
  • Workhouse & Fagin KIDS: Age ranges 10-18, will cast boys AND girls. We are looking for boys and girls who are bright and personable!
  • Townspeople: POSH (Upper Class) and COCKNEY (Lower Class) Stage age 18 and up, all vocal ranges. Workhouse assistants, street vendors, townspeople, merchants, bar keepers, pub patrons, policemen, night watchman. Some individual lines. Singing and dancing in ensemble numbers.

If you have never participated in a RiverStage show before, exact rehearsal schedule will depend on role and actors’ conflicts, but a typical RiverStage Community Theatre musical may rehearse between 3-5 times per week for ~8 weeks during evenings and weekends, and not all actors are called to every rehearsal. Rehearsals during the final week (dress rehearsals/”tech week”) and performances are mandatory. Please contact us with any questions at, and we’ll see you at auditions!

P.S. And remember, you can always use our “Contact Us” page to sign up for email updates about upcoming auditions!