RiverStage welcomes the cast of “2023 Gaspipe One-Act Play Festival”!

RiverStage Community Theatre, in association with Gaspipe Theatre Company, is pleased to announce the cast for its evening of 8 short original plays, the 2023 Gaspipe One-Act Play Fest! The show will be performed February 10-19, 2023 at Greenspace Center, 815 Market Street, in Lewisburg. We thank everyone who auditioned, our directors, our playwrights, and congratulations to our cast members!

“Idemo” by Ramsey Uhter (Williamsport, PA) (slapstick comedy).  What can parents do when a boy’s birthday party becomes… a murder mystery?  Directed by Maggie Able. Featuring: Jude Wilkinson, Daelyn Castle, Ketaki Hutchinson, Maddie Smith, Teddy Casimir and Storm Pryor.

“Lost and Found” by Clara Graham (Lewisburg, PA) (comedy).  Two friends make a surprising discovery in the woods.  Directed by Clara Graham. Featuring: Ketaki Hutchinson and Maddie Smith.

“Staples of Life” by Ashli Starks (Milton, PA) (comedy).  A man devotes his life to a religious cult, but discovers it may not be what he expected.  Directed by Ashli Starks. Featuring: Michael Conard and Ross Wiley.

“Betty, the Staten Island Ferry Fairy” by John McDonnell Tierney (Shelburne Falls, MA) (comedy/drama).  A commuter meets a magical being on his daily trip to work.  Directed by Andrew Shaffer. Featuring: Fred Hooper and Maggie Able.

“Nick Goes to the Drag Show” by Anne Valentino (Rockville, MD) (comedy/drama).  A married couple decide to expand their horizons and learn something new.  Directed by Emily Bowen. Featuring: Steve Anderson, Lindsay Sauer, and Michael Conard.

“At the Haiku Convention” by James M. Spock (Hanover Township, PA) (comedy).  Two strangers connect over their love of 17-syllable poetry.  Directed by Andrew Shaffer. Featuring: Cathy Emery and Ralph Sayers.

“Letter to My Father” by Karen Elias (Lock Haven, PA) (drama).  A daughter grapples with the environmental impacts of her father’s career and legacy.  Directed by Derek Scott. Featuring: Elaine Pfeil and Doug Orbaker.

“Dry Ribbons” by Nickolette Jones (Bryn Mawr, PA) (drama).  A young woman helps her grandmother clean house, and secrets are revealed.  Directed by Emily Bowen. Featuring: Barbara Sundin and Storm Pryor.