RiverStage Community Theatre, in association with Gaspipe Theatre Company, is pleased to announce the cast for its evening of 8 short original plays, the 2023 Gaspipe One-Act Play Fest! The show will be performed February 10-19, 2023 at Greenspace Center, 815 Market Street, in Lewisburg.


“Idemo” by Ramsey Uhter (Williamsport, PA) (slapstick comedy).  What can parents do when a boy’s birthday party becomes… a murder mystery?  Directed by Maggie Able. Featuring: Jude Wilkinson, Daelyn Castle, Ketaki Hutchinson, Maddie Smith, Teddy Casimir, Storm Pryor, Lillith Charles, and Kyleigh Patterson.

“Lost and Found” by Clara Graham (Lewisburg, PA) (comedy).  Two friends make a surprising discovery in the woods.  Directed by Clara Graham. Featuring: Ketaki Hutchinson and Maddie Smith.

“Staples of Life” by Ashli Starks (Milton, PA) (comedy).  A man devotes his life to a religious cult, but discovers it may not be what he expected.  Directed by Ashli Starks. Featuring: Michael Conard and Ross Wiley.

“Betty, the Staten Island Ferry Fairy” by John McDonnell Tierney (Shelburne Falls, MA) (comedy/drama).  A commuter meets a magical being on his daily trip to work.  Directed by Andrew Shaffer. Featuring: Fred Hooper and Maggie Able.

“Nick Goes to the Drag Show” by Anne Valentino (Rockville, MD) (comedy/drama).  A married couple decide to expand their horizons and learn something new.  Directed by Emily Bowen. Featuring: Steve Anderson, Lindsay Sauer, and Michael Conard.

“At the Haiku Convention” by James M. Spock (Hanover Township, PA) (comedy).  Two strangers connect over their love of 17-syllable poetry.  Directed by Andrew Shaffer. Featuring: Cathy Emery and Ralph Sayers.

“Letter to My Father” by Karen Elias (Lock Haven, PA) (drama).  A daughter grapples with the environmental impacts of her father’s career and legacy.  Directed by Derek Scott. Featuring: Elaine Pfeil and Doug Orbaker.

“Dry Ribbons” by Nickolette Jones (Bryn Mawr, PA) (drama).  A young woman helps her grandmother clean house, and secrets are revealed.  Directed by Emily Bowen. Featuring: Barbara Sundin and Storm Pryor.


Ketaki (Kiya) Hutchinson is excited to return to Riverstage for her first performance with Gaspipe Theatre Company. Last time Kiya was here, she performed the role of Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. She also performed with RiverStage in 2019’s Anne of Green Gables where she played Anne’s future daughter. Kiya also enjoys performing with the Grand,Travelers and Scrim youth theatre, where she last performed in Let’s Get Together! In between those performances, Kiya could be seen performing at Donald H Eichhorn Middle School where she has performed in 2022’s Herky Jokeson and the Faux-lympians and in the 2021’s The Humor Games  in the role of Cinnamonica. And way back in 2018, Kiya enjoyed her first role with the Bucknell Department of Theatre and Dance’s Antigone where she played the non-speaking role of Child. Lastly, Kiya is also very proud of her work on various characters in her time participating in the performance competition; Odyssey of the Mind. 

Jude Wilkinson likes to be creative and be with friends.  Subscribe to waffleswashere! 

Storm Pryor is incredibly happy to be back on stage in such a unique show! She has been in several shows in the past 2 years, including I Know What’s Best For You, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena), and Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Meredith). She is so thankful to have the opportunity to be back in her happy place and would like to thank Emily for believing in her.

Maddie Smith is 13 years old and enjoys riding horses, playing piano, dancing, and of course acting. She has been in 5 plays and has been enjoying theatre since 2nd grade.

Daelyn Castle is a seventh grader from Lewisburg. She has performed in The Humor Games, Herky Jokeson and the Faux-Lympians, and Handsome and the Beastress. Her hobbies include roller skating and playing video games.

Lillith Charles, 6th grader at DHEMS began working in theater as a set builder and zombie back up dancer in the fall play Herky Jokeson and the Fauxlympians. Lillith is excited to explore physical comedy and never wants to worry about memorizing lines. 

Kyleigh Patterson is a third grader at Kelly Elementary School. She enjoys acting, dance, soccer, and mysteries. She is also a two-time published author. 

Ralph Sayers is a Lewisburg resident, and this his fourth production with Gaspipe and RiverStage, previously appearing in Twelve Angry Men, The Elephant Man, and as the Robin of The Secret Garden.

Cathy Emery is currently a resident of Lewisburg (having grown up out the road a bit in the village of Cowan) and can be found most days amongst the shelves of Mondragon Books.  She would like to thank the RiverStage community for their welcome and for giving her the opportunity and support to stretch into a space that feels scary and find the courage to learn to play.  She would also like to thank the local geese, who remind her every day to look up and say, “Wow!”

Fred Hooper has performed in numerous RiverStage productions. Some of his favorite roles include: U.S. Vice President Alexander Throttlebottom in Of Thee I Sing, Roger Hopewell in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, and Le Comte de Guiche in Cyrano. He lives in Selinsgrove with his wife, Kay, and a crazed Jack Russell terrier, Max.

Maggie Able has a love for all things theatre, except for writing bios 😊 She has been in a variety of shows over the years: 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress, Romeo and Juliet and Savannah Sipping Society to name a few. Maggie is excited to be back on stage with Gaspipe’s One Act Play Festival.

Steve Anderson – Before moving to the Lewisburg area in 2020, Steve Anderson was an actor, storyteller, and living history interpreter in and around Harrisburg for more than 20 years. This is his second production around here, having previously appeared as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol Experience at the Broadway Micro Theatre in Milton.

Lindsey Sauer is new to the Lewisburg area and is thrilled to have found RiverStage. She was previously seen in I Know What’s Best for You, and is excited to now be a part of the Gaspipe One Act Festival. Thanks to Emily and all of the directors, writers, and cast for the opportunity and making these performances possible!

Beau Schemery is no stranger to love. He knows the rules and so do I. He’s also no stranger to the stage, having worked extensively with the Community Theatre League in Williamsport, as well as Studio 570. He’s been the King of Siam, the Queen of Hearts, and, for the last nine years, has produced, directed, and portrayed Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live. Beau often brings that extra something special to each of his roles: it’s usually heels.

Michael Conard is honored to have the chance to bring to life not ONE but TWO original works for this year’s Gaspipe One-Act Play Festival. As both Gary and Gina Lola Brigida, Michael is pulling double duty which can be a real DRAG – pun intended, but is thrilled with the chance to show off more sides of his acting. Michael has been a part of several RiverStage productions, including Mamma Mia! (Father Alexandrios), Spamalot (Prince Herbert), and I Know What’s Best For You (Tim) as well as Gaspipe’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Snug) but this will be his first time acting in two shows at once. Michael is very grateful for the chance, and to all of his fellow actors – BREAK ALL THE LEGS!!! 

Elaine Pfeil has performed with RiverStage in Spamalot (Dancer), Mamma Mia (Tanya), The Fantasticks (Henry the Old Actor), and The Secret Garden (Bea Weatherstaff). Thanks to John for all his support!

Doug Orbaker has been a long-time subscriber and supporter of RiverStage, and we are thrilled to have him on our stage for the first time!

Ross Wiley is a native of the Susquehanna Valley. With RiverStage, he appeared as the Major-General in The Pirates of Penzance. He has also sung operatic roles in productions such as Gianni Schicchi. Ross currently lives in Lewisburg.

Barbara Sundin moved to Lewisburg from New Jersey with her husband Bob in 2000. Her credits include: Anything Goes, Hello Dolly, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and Dark of the Moon, all in her college days 40 years ago. Since then, Life happened: 4 sons, 6 grandsons, 2 granddaughters and 1 great-grandson.