RiverStage Community Theatre and Gaspipe Theatre Company are pleased to announce the casts of the 2017 Gaspipe One-Act Play Festival!  These seven original plays will be performed April 21-23 at Greenspace Center (Old Lewisburg High School, 815 Market St, Lewisburg).  We are especially pleased that this cast of 22 includes 14 actors who will be doing their first or second RiverStage production ever!  Welcome, everyone!

DECEPTION, written & directed by Ben Hartman
Miss Moneypants – Megan Desmond
Carmen – Amy Straub
Reginald – Andrew Shaffer
Natalya – Jessica Paquin
Rachel Inspector – Darianne Scott

ENTER DAISY BUCHANAN by Patti Cassidy, directed by Kahlie DeHotman
Zelda Fitzgerald – Ellen McCormick
Daisy Buchanan – Morgan Black

EUREKAS by Eoin Carney, directed by Andrew Shaffer
Nikos – Stephen Downey
Doris – Ellen Robinson
Archimedes – Emrys Smith

THE IMPROVISATION GAME by Jove Graham, directed by Steve Aguirre
Jess – Kahlie DeHotman
Charlie – Ben Hartman
Willy – Jason Puckey
Deanna – Tara Wands
Deus – Emrys Smith

JESUS FEEDS THE 4,999 by Kay Phillips, directed by Derek Scott
Jesus – Andrew Shaffer
Peter – Stefan Eisenhower
Miriam – Caroline Pogust

THE (UN)SOLVABLE CRIME by Jacob Tanner, directed by Caroline Pogust
The Chief – Brad Wakeman
Officer Cynthia – Heather Swartz
Officer Greg – Tyler Marvin
Officer Tony – Joseph Baltz

VIRESCENT by Rosalind Elise Parenzan, directed by Isaac J. Conner
Arthur – Richard McCarty
Cera – Kira Kitchen