Strictly Ballet and RiverStage Community Theatre are pleased to welcome the cast of their 5th annual co-production of A Lewisburg Victorian Nutcracker! The show will be performed on Saturday, December 17, 2022, with two shows at 2pm and 7pm, at Greenspace Center in Lewisburg, directed by Amy Casimir. For the first time ever, we will be presenting both Acts 1 and 2, with over 40 local dancers of all ages and special guest artists from New York: Elina Miettinen and Sean Stewart, performers who have danced with the American Ballet Theater, who will be performing the Sugarplum Fairy and Her Cavalier.

Tickets are on sale now for just $20 for adults or $10 for children 12 and under and can be purchased by clicking here! We thank everyone who turned out for auditions, and congratulations to our cast members!

Clara…. Laine Kolak
Fritz…. Charles Snyder
Mrs. Stahlbaum…. Orissa Reed
Mr. Stahlbaum…. Jove Graham
Maids…. Clara Graham, Saige Kleyman
Parents…. Emily Ayn Bowen, Susan Diffenderfer, Wendy Kleyman, Igor Kleyman, Robin Skrine, Mary Wolf
Party Children…. Ellie Kennedy, Cat Kisvarday, Coral Kleyman, Reese Oberlin, Kalyra Snyder, Brighton Kleyman, Desmond Wendell
Drosselmeyer…. Stefan Eisenhower
Harlequin Doll…. Emma Williams
Classical Doll…. Sophie Herrold
Soldier Doll…. Sadie Featherstone
Mice…. Juliet Kolak, Ruby Alexander, Emma Arsenault, Leona Shafran, Ellie Street, Arwen Shruti, Gemma Wendell, Igor Kleyman
Mouse King…. Jove Graham
Nutcracker/The Princess…. Ellis Reed
Soldiers…. Anna Case, Clara Graham, Ellie Kennedy, Cat Kisvarday, Coral Kleyman, Saige Kleyman, Brighton Kleyman
Snow Soloists…. Sophie Herrold, Megan Santanen
Grande Snowflakes…. Abby Creeger, Orissa Reed, Luiza Regina, Emma Williams
Moyenne Snowflakes…. Sadie Featherstone, Reese Oberlin, Addison Smith, Kalyra Snyder
Petite Snowflakes…. Margot Conger, Thea Palmer, Ava Smith
Petite Fairies…. Ruby Alexander, Margot Conger, Leona Shafran, Arwen Shruti
Fairy Courtiers…. Clara Graham, Wendy Kleyman, Igor Kleyman, Robin Skrine, Mary Wolf, Saige Kleyman
Pages…. Ellie Kennedy, Reese Oberlin, Kalyra Snyder
Chocolate…. Sophie Herrold
Coffee…. Luiza Regina
Tea…. Abby Creeger, Sadie Featherstone, Orissa Reed
Peppermint…. Susan Diffenderfer, Cat Kisvarday, Coral Kleyman, Brighton Kleyman, Charles Snyder
Marzipan…. Megan Santanen, Emma Williams, Anna Case, Addison Smith, Thea Palmer, Ava Smith
Mother Ginger…. Emily Ayn Bowen
Bonbons…. Emma Arsenault, Juliet Kolak, Ellie Street, Desmond Wendell, Gemma Wendell
Waltzing Flowers…. Abby Creeger, Sadie Featherstone, Sophie Herrold, Reese Oberlin, Orissa Reed, Luiza Regina, Emma Williams, Megan Santanen, Kalyra Snyder
Sugarplum Fairy…. Elina Miettinen
Her Cavalier…. Sean Stewart